Step 1: Download the WordPress installation package from the WordPress website. Click to Download.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded files.

Step 3: Open Application -> XAMPP -> htdocs (From Mac) or C:/ -> XAMPP -> htdocs (From Windows)

Step 4: Create a project folder (ex: wordpress-demo)

Step 5: Copy all the files from the extracted folder from Step 2.

Step 6: Now open the browser and type URL like : http://localhost/YOUR-PROJECT-FOLDER-NAME (ex: http://localhost/wordpress-demo)

Step 7: WordPress Installation page with load.

Step 8: Before moving on to the next step we need to create an Empty DATABASE. go to Browser type http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

Click Database Tab

Enter the Database name and click Create

Now Empty Database has Created.

Step 9: Now you have fillup the Database name, Username, Password.

Database name: The name you had created in Step8
Username : root ( Default XAMPP username)

Password : XAMPP password

Step 10: If the entered information or correct you will see “Run Installation” button on the next step. Click it.

Step 11: You will get a Basic form to fill with admin username and password. Fill all the Details Carefully.

Step 12: On successful installation, you will get a login screen. Use the username and password given in step 11.

That’s It. You have installed WordPress successfully now.

About the author : Arunanithi Arul

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